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November 28, 2007



Why do kids grow up so danged fast? It kills me that I have a 9-year-old! I so remember 4th grade! But it is fun to watch them grow up and say grown up stuff too!

Martin Gore & I are having a love child....

One more quote from Ashley that I forgot to mention last night - - this one about made me pee on my new furniture!

She and Colin were playing the Wii and out of nowhere:

"Hm. I just threw up in my mouth."

The girl is seamless. I asked if she was OK & she looked at me like I'd been drinking then just went right back to the rescue of Princess Peach. Hey, and while we're on the topic, what the hell is with that Princess Peach? Every couple of years she gets "kidnapped" by Bowser like we all don't know what's really going on. Needy whore.


Ok you need a new post!


It was so nice to see you for seconds last week!

I love you and miss you!

Happy New Year!


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