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October 21, 2007



What was the name of that amazing dentist again? I'll have to go see him! he-he
I'm so glad everything worked out ok. There isn't a feeling more disconcerting and alarming than knowing 'something' is wrong with your child and having all the time and internet resources to diagnose it yourself! I'm glad she recovered so quickly. What a brave girl (& mommy!)


Wow, that is definitely a really scary thing to have to go through! You have to be super mom to be able to handle all these situations that come up. Seriously. I'm so glad that she is alright. That just breaks my heart that she thought you would be mad at her. Little kids are so funny that way. I was like that as well. And greenday. You train your kids well! :P Hahahaha. I can't wait until I have kids! :P


Arik is so great at picking out songs and naming the artists too. I just hope they don't one day think my music is so boring and lame like what my folks listened to.

Everytime I look up some medical thing on the internet, I end up getting way more worried than I need to be. I guess that is better than not thinking it a big deal and doing anything about it.

When Arik was born he was "tongue-tied." I didn't think much of it because my niece, ten years earlier, had her tongue clipped by her grandpa who is a family practitioner. But nowadays, they know about all those nerves and blood vessels under the tongue so they put him under for the procedure too. It WAS scary! He was only 7 months old. It killed me. He also was a marathon-nurser and they said he couldn't eat after midnight or he might choke on his throw up. For the first time ever, he slept all through the night and didn't even want to eat before the surgery at 7am. What a blessing! I was leaking all over, more out of sympathy, but he was just fine. The whole thing was not a big deal, it just freaked me out having him under anesthesia.

I am so glad everything is okay with your daughter! What a relief! Mom's gots to worry. Someone's got to.

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